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Unbelievably delicious artisan Peanuts. Sundried and slow roasted in small batches

with a pleasing crunch and just the right amount of salt.

What makes G-NUTS Peanuts better than other peanuts on the market? It’s simple. It’s the quality and freshness of the peanuts themselves and the way we cook them - slowly with just organic sea salt to taste - so as to retain their distinct, natural flavour.

Unlike other brands, we use no oil when cooking the peanuts, so G-NUTS Peanuts are noticeably not greasy. Made from just two natural ingredients, with their unique flavour and right balance of salt, G-Nuts are an irresistible, fibre-rich snack, that can be enjoyed on their own, sprinkled on yoghurt and granola for breakfast or with a drink. Try them and see for yourself!

You can enjoy our products in the knowledge that we are ethical at heart. The G-NUTS brand was created to improve lives in Africa by providing opportunities for hardworking but disadvantaged people, especially women, to earn an income so they can in turn improve the lives of others.


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