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About Us

G-NUTS is founded on a passion for tasty, healthy snacking. Funmi Brady, our founder, grew up in Nigeria. As a child, the freshly cooked, peanuts – known in Africa as groundnuts – were one of her favourite snacks. Now living in the UK, inspired by her memories, she is on a mission to introduce people to the deliciousness of proper peanuts.

At G-Nuts we take the best-quality, West African peanuts and carefully prepare them, using a slow careful traditional method . The peanuts are then hand-cooked in small batches, in order to ensure maximum flavour. We use no oil and season just with sea salt, with the results being that the natural flavour of the peanuts shines through. Unlike other mass-produced nuts, G-NUTS are not salty or oily. The natural taste of these peanuts means they can be enjoyed with drinks without overpowering them, making them an excellent accompaniment to beer, wines or spirits.

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